"Your incredibly insightful, detailed and kind feedback is proving to be far superior to any other advice/critique I've received on my nascent experiments in writing thus far. Thank you so much for your generous and piercingly insightful words."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your feedback was wonderful."

"I also appreciate you taking so much time and effort into helping me work on this story! It's rare to find editors giving personalized feedback and it's very welcome and appreciated!"

We believe the best way to improve your writing (and your chances of getting published!) is to receive feedback on your work. One of our editors will email you a one-page set of questions, comments, suggestions, and things she liked most about your piece. 

We do have to charge a small fee for this service ($15). 

Please send one fiction or nonfiction story per feedback request, each up to 4,000 words. Once you hear back from one of our editors, you may send another piece.

We are now offering feedback submissions during and between reading periods. 

You are welcome to submit an edited piece again, but please note that we do not guarantee publication. 

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