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    J. T. Seate/Tortoise and the Snare

W.R. Shaw/Almost an Angel

François Bereaud/Sam


Art and Cartoons

Vincenzo Chonen/Boom Slang and Lurking Crocodile

Shaguafta Mulla/I Didn't Think I'd Miss The Desert

Olude Peter/Bring Me A Reptile

Morgan Alexa Braid/Squamata

Talitha May/anole

Dawn L. C. Miller/Buddies In The River

Frances Fish/The Trio

Rebecca St. Pierre/Reflecting

On Connections

Tinamarie Cox/


Collaris Sunbathes

In Arizona

Katherine Bettis/


Bill Thomas/Cartoons

Melissa Amarello/ASP: Advocates For Snake Preservation

Silke Heiss/Boomslang In My Lounge


Karen Pierce Gonzalez/I lean over the boat’s stern

Joan Mazza/Living Fossils

Joan Mazza/A Woodpile Full of Snakeskins

Susan Andrews/Change

Sarah Key/Almost Still Life with Turtles

Isabel Cristina Legarda/ Heloderma Suspectum

Patrick ten Brink/Iguana

Amy Devine/Prayer for my daughter as an alligator

Amy Devine/Love letter to the brown snake under

my childhood bedroom window

Jack Hinks/Slither

                 Robin Gow/Milking the Snake

                             Natalye Childress/natal homing

                                    Harrison Hamm/Dinosaur Theory


                   Madeline White/Bite

                Rachel Anne Wallace/Cottonmouth

             Ina Briar/Living Fossils

     Mandira Pattnaik/The Crocodile Comes

to Claim His Bride

Janet Goldberg/An Expert at Snakes

Image by Annie Spratt

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