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Mythical Creatures

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Unicorn in the Park


Marga Patterson Mythical Creatures

Philip Witte Evolution and Win-Win Proposition

Jonny Hawkins Knight Armadillo and Dragon

Ruby Van Bendegem The Unicorn and

Dragons in My Pocket

Katherine Quevedo The Ichthyocentaur Beyond Marginalia and Sonnet of the South American Sphinx

Kyla Neufeld Dame Dragon and The Wolves Share Hunting Tips"

N.Y. Lawton Mythical Ritual Sound

Karla Linn Merrifield To the Kingdom Within

P.D. Lyons The Night Mares

Changming Yuan All for the Love of Zodiac Animals: A Bilinguacultural Poem

Karen B. Nelson Fancy Cats, A Few Unicorn Facts You Probably Didn't Know, In My Pocket, Ugly Duckling

May Chong The Monkey King's Advice on How to Deal as a Protector of Horses, Birdwatcher, and Goldfish Memories

Art and Cartoons


Anna Khazanova Angels for Mistreated Animals

Cynthia Hacker A Year in COVID

Lina Slavova Unicorn in the Park

Allison McBain The Development

Jay Abramowitz The Dog that Talked like Brando

Pauline Gostling The Rat's Tale

Rani Jayakumar Chakora

Kasey Szavai The Golden-Antlered Doe

Victory Witherkeigh Just One Kiss

Kyle Miller Omnifauna

Alison McBain The Development

Ginny Boudreau Owl in the Snow

Monika R. Martyn The Glass Wall Between Us