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a fear of moths


Image by Carol Petri

Today, I fell in love with a common moth, small and brown. A pale, helpless triangle as it lay upturned
on the botton of a pan. It grappled and struggled
with her feathered antennae and six legs and
whilst the very things which gave her flight
bore her down -

damp and stuck.

I saw
myself as I released
her from her purgatory
of confusion and fear. I watched her rest

and catch her breath. Flutter a little hopeful.
I asked myself, what did she believe just happened?

For when I fell in love with her releasing the fear

I had always held, she became my miracle and I became hers.

Devjani Bodepudi is a writer and teacher from a tiny town called Rugby, in the United Kingdom. She has most recently been published by Sunday Mornings at the River, in their African Voices Anthology called A Womb With a Heart that Beats All Over the World. Her novel, MIRRORS was also published by Holland House in December 2019 and she is currently working on a pamphlet and a second novel documenting the lives of three women affected by the riots in East Pakistan in the 60s.

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