The Little Bird that Inspired Our Magazine

Actually, a family of foxes inspired this magazine. 

The mother moved her family of four kits into our backyard to stake out our neighbor's chickens. As I watched the mother fox sit near the chicken coop trying to figure out how to get inside, I was wrestling with questions of my own. I began to see comparisons between her and I, and by the time the family left, I had found resolutions. 

I wanted a magazine that examined the intersects between the human and animal experience, how one fed into the other, and although we are very different, our lives, questions, struggles, hopes and fears are very often the same. 

I discovered the honeyguide bird around this time. She is a little bird from Africa who discovered that if she led humans to beehives, she could have smoked honeycomb. The pictures I found of these birds were mostly of them perched on human fingers, seeming as much at ease in front of the camera as the person holding her, both celebrating their sweet discovery. 

After reading about this bird, the magazine started to take form. 

Honeyguide Magazine is a bi-annual magazine that features fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, and blog posts about animals and their human neighbors. 

We accept pieces from the perspective of animals that are as present and authoritative as human characters, the reciprocal bond between human and animal that bewildered, challenged and changed the human, and discoveries that reveal how close in space and mind the animal and human kingdoms are. 

We do not accept pieces that condone animal cruelty or the keeping of exotic pets (ie: tigers, monkeys, crocodiles), though we will consider pieces that examine these experiences as part of the wider human/animal story. Nor will we publish profiles of beloved animals — show us the nature of your relationship, why you depend on each other, and what your bond means for both of your lives. 

We also do not accept cliche animal narratives, easy-fixes, and pieces with sweet happy endings. Our stories in this world are ongoing — resolutions are often open-ended and extend into the future. 

If you have a piece looking for a home, this magazine might be it!

We look forward to reading about your wonderful discoveries and the beautiful animals that have touched your life.

Amanda Marrero

Chief Editor


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