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Michelle Barnett

Bard-aspirant with a devotion to animals and prehistory 

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michelle knew she wanted to teach and write from the time she was 8 years old.  Her first story was written on a flip-over free-standing chalkboard and read to her dolls and stuffed animals.  While the journey to realise her dream took a strange long detour, the passion for it never wavered.  She writes poetry, CNF, and fiction -- all crafted by hand in various journals and sketchpads.  

michelle has always been a dog person, but she cheated once with a cat named Barney.  She is soon hoping to adopt/rescue a Westie.  She is the mum of 3 grown daughters and the grandmum of one (so far) grandson.  And she is obsessed with butterflies and blue poppies.


michelle holds an MS in Professional Writing and an MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts, and she is a Lecturer in English at Towson University.  While Baltimore is michelle’s home, wanderlust rules her, and she travels extensively.  Her work has appeared in her first poetry collection blue poppy girl, along with poems in The Tube Mapper Project:  Capturing Moments on the London Underground, and other pieces in several online and print journals and magazines.  She can be found socially on IG, Twitter, and TikTok @bluepoppypoet.

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