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Keri Cronin

Reader, writer, kayaker, museum geek, and pteridomaniac. Dreams of rabbits and sheep.

FSNov2014_JMcArthur-9744 copy.jpg

Keri fearlessly scribbled pages and pages of stories when she was a kid but all that came screeching to a halt in high school. In early 2020 she found herself returning to this early love of writing fiction. It was a tentative, cautious return, but in many ways it was also like welcoming back an old friend.


She is a professor by day, teaching and researching in the fields of art history and animal studies. Her stories draw upon these areas of interest, but venture to the places academia doesn’t allow her to go–the haunted, the strange, the unexplained, the impossible-to-footnote. 


Keri lives in the Niagara region of Canada with her partner and two cats.

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