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Shereen Rana

Bard-aspirant with a devotion to animals and prehistory 


Shereen Rana started off with poetry, but now also continues to explore fiction and non-fiction. She believes in the might and comfort of nature and words, time and trees. She finds poetry and reading to be a home, especially fiction, mystery being one of her top genres. As she goes about education, she continues to marvel at nature, dinosaurs and hope.


Though she has never had a pet she has a solid memory of, she has always loved animals, celebrating their harmony. Lately, that love has only been growing (her camera roll can be seen to have tons of pictures of animals) and has now grown even into the past—with dinosaurs at the forefront. She adores cats and, of course, does make sure to pet them whenever she find them coming out from under cars on the roads. 


Her favourite books include The Raven Cycle, Rebecca, The Book Thief and Frankenstein. Jurassic Park and Sing Street are films that she is fond of, along with a love for the spins of Stranger Things. 


She has poems published with Stone of Madness Press, Bending Genres, and several other publications. A short story she wrote was published by Scholastic.

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