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Animal Rescue

All About Pets Rescue

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       Jennifer Sinz has loved animals before she even started school as a little girl. Growing up with lots of pets, both indoor and outdoor pets, just made her want to learn and care for more! At a young age, she started volunteering at a local animal rescue to help and learn more about animals. Six years ago, she volunteered at another Long Island rescue and was put in charge of the cats and kittens. She managed their Petco location, meeting with potential adoptees, fulfilling adoptions, and regularly playing with the cats. She learned as much as she could to start her own shelter that didn't focus on saving just one type of pet, but as many as she was able.

       All About Pets Rescue is a volunteer-run, New York State licensed 501c(3) Animal Rescue located in Suffolk County, Long Island. We began with one ambition: to help animals in need. As of now, we have rescued guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, roosters, bunnies, dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, and occasionally wild animals. We work closely with the local animal control to save animals from the euthanization list. If we can't take them, we try to find another rescue that can.

       In addition to saving pets, we provide Humane Education in libraries, and senior citizen centers, and offer public services, such as posting information on recalls, food for pets, farm animals, and newsletters. For children, we offer educational programs in schools and out of Jennifer's home. We teach them the responsibilities of taking care of a pet and correct pet training to bring a positive attitude to the whole family. Our most popular children’s program is Kids N' Critters. In this class, kids come face-to-face with specific animals for 2 1/2 hours. We bring pets from All About Pets and local rescue farms, primarily ducks, dickens, dogs, cats, and goats. The children learn about the animals, the animals' personalities with people, and the names of the body parts of each animal. They also learn what the animals eat and how humans can take care of them.
       Even though we save multiple types of animals, we mostly save cats and kittens, most of which as deemed unadoptable due to behavioral or health issues. We have some HIV-positive cats that are difficult to find forever homes for, but one was recently adopted!

       We did expand our rescue a few years ago by opening up a cat cafe called A Kitten Kadoodle Coffee Cafe located in Selden, NY. We were the first licensed animal rescue in New York to open a restaurant with the rescue in the same building And we were the first full vegetarian cat cafe, too! We were most known for our animal care classes (especially our kitten-feeding class) and delicious smoothies. We sadly closed in December 2020 due to COVID.
       Today, even though our cat cafe is closed, we continue rescuing animals. Our rescue runs out of people's homes, including Jennifer's. Foster families are the backbone of our organization. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to save so many animals.

       Visit our website if you're interested in learning more about us, viewing or sponsoring one of our available pets, or volunteering!

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