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Angels for Mistreated Animals

Animal Shelter

by Anna Khazanova, Cofounder


     Angels for Mistreated Animals, or AMA Animal Rescue, is a Brooklyn-based, no-kill animal shelter. After obtaining a New York State 501(c)3 status in 2014, the organization’s mission has always been to safeguard and rehabilitate animals who have experienced the most severe cases of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Since its inception, AMA has saved countless sick, injured, and abused pet companions from near death, domestically and abroad.

     After an incredible amount of generosity from their supporters throughout the years, AMA has achieved its long-term goal of opening its doors to a 1200sq ft space with clean enclosures and a fenced-in outdoor space. Through efficient operations, adequate awareness, and public support, AMA continues to create loving futures and erase painful pasts.

     Recently, we were contacted about two dogs being left outside in deplorable condition. When we received their pictures, we almost cried. Both dogs had so much matted hair that it was difficult to see what they looked like. On top of that, they were under-socialized and overly cautious in their surroundings. We could not turn them away, so we brought them to a medical boarding facility to do a more thorough assessment of the condition they were in.

     It was painful to watch how two dogs that were supposed to be full of life and playfulness were, instead, guarded and on constant alert. It originally seemed that the two dogs had developed a strong bond, so we named them Bread and Butter because we felt that they were meant to be together. After spending some time with them, we noticed that they may not love each other as much as we had originally thought. When we separated the two of them, they seemed much happier to have their own space, and we decided to adopt them separately.

     As time went on, Bread and Butter started displaying some behavioral issues that concerned us. They both looked like cute and cuddly dogs, but their behavior was so severe that we decided they needed to be adopted into homes with a lot of structure and experienced owners. We had to keep the adoption screening process extremely strict to ensure that these adoptions would be set up for success and so potential adoptees fully understood what they were getting into.

     An adoption application for Bread came in first, and right away, we knew that this was the perfect fit. The potential adoptees asked all the right questions and gave all the right answers. They also prepared by consulting with a trainer and having one on standby whenever help would be needed. We could tell that this was love at first sight, and we knew deep in our hearts that Bread had found his forever home.

     Things went smoothly, and soon after Bread was no longer a homeless dog. It was not long after Bread was adopted that Butter’s lucky day had arrived. Her family was extremely excited and even drove for two hours on two separate occasions to meet her. Butter was immediately attached to her new humans, and we could tell this was a match made in heaven.

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