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The patient damselfly 2.jpg
The patient damselfly 1.jpg

The Patient Damselfly by Silke Heiss

Silke Heiss is a South African writer, who has published poems, short stories and a verse novel in local literary journals and anthologies since 1991. She has co-authored self-published books with her late husband, the poet Norman Morrissey, as well as two solo collections. She is a member of the Ecca Poets and have collaborated on nine books with them to date.

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Illustration by Rosie Copeland

Rosie Copeland lives by the sea in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband. She writes poetry and short stories and is halfway through writing a novel for Young Adults. She is a visual artist as well, and enjoys nature and reading.

Blue Damsel.jpg

Blue Damsel by Devon McConnell Bacon

Devon McConnell Bacon enjoys writing, photography, and creating unusual art. They have had photography and art published in Reservoir Road Literary Review, Acropolis Journal, and Celestite Poetry. They currently live in the mountains with their partner, kids, dogs and birds. They can be found @Ravenlore23 on Twitter.

L.Grant_Resilience_ChalkOnTarPaper (1).jpg

Survivors by Lindsey Morrison Grant

Self-identifying as a neurodiverse, two-spirit, elder storyteller deeply rooted in the roar and lore that's become Portlandia of The Left Coast, Lindsey Morrison Grant attributes success and survival (if not salvation) to superb supports, mindfulness practice, and daily creative expression in words, sounds, and images.Dar

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