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1. (obsolete) Your skin is not your own. Thief. Defiler.

2. A tradition thousands of years old. Stories are no longer sung around the campfire. We

found a better use for the wood: pulped and pressed and bled and immortal, stories

encoded even deeper the further we get from the flames.

3. Who is this cathedral, spiraling with frescoes, dedicated to?

4. Deep. Deep. Deep. A squirming thing clouds the water around it, a dark lie of itself that

will save the truth from the approach of many, many teeth.

The first non-picture book Else Buckley ever read was about the coelacanth, a species of lobe-finned fish thought extinct for millions of years before a live specimen was caught off the coast of South Africa. This sparked a life-long interest in the deep sea, in lost things, and in monsters. They can usually be found watching Nautilus Live videos on youtube, writing about demons, and unintentionally acting as a muse for their best friend.

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