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Birdwatching, Winter


Image by Aaron Doucett

This chilly October day, birdwatching begins

for the autumn-winter season on the coast.

Some remember where they dined last year,

new hatchlings follow their parents,

others are drawn in by the crowd.


Quiet tuxedoed chickadees,

happy wrens singing,

a matched pair of cardinals,

nine mourning doves,

one black-capped catbird,


a spry nuthatch, upside-down,

one downy woodpecker flitting,

one bluebird, then five,

a winter-marked goldfinch,

the big red-bellied woodpecker,


and one delighted gray-haired observer

taking through-the-glass photos,

in amazement of the birds’ plumage,

tell-tale quirky personalities,

and bird feeder acrobatics.

Pamela Brothers Denyes' award-winning poems are published in numerous Virginia journals, Wingless Dreamer, Barstow & Grand V, Honeyguide Literary Magazine, several international collections by The Poet Magazine, Vallum Poetry and more. She published a chapbook, As I Lay Dreaming, and two full-length collections, The Right Mistakes and The Widow’s Lovers (published by Kelsay Books) in 2022.

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