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Win-Win Proposition

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Knight Armadillo 

 Jonny Hawkins lives near his childhood home in Sherwood, Michigan with his wife and 3 kids, Aussie Doodle dog, "Blue" and 8 cats ... and has been full time cartooning since 1990.   He works out of his home office in an old barn-shaped country house with stone porch ... and cranks out 5 Cartoon a Day box calendars every year and has created more than 80 of them, including Medical Cartoon a Day, now in its 19th year (Andrews McMeel).  He has drawn over 50,000 single panel cartoons and has had 49,000 sales to Reader's Digest, Barron's, Dairy Goat Journal, Parade Magazine, Guideposts, Woman's World, Potato Grower ... and to 950+ more publications and countless web sites.

He can be reached at or at

Phil Witte’s cartoons have appeared in dozens of publications in the U.S. and U.K., including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Reader’s Digest, San Francisco Chronicle, and Private Eye, as well as in books, calendars, and greeting cards. His humor book, "What You Don’t Know About Turning 50" and the sequel on turning 60 have sold 170,000 copies to date. Phil’s work has been exhibited in galleries in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and London. He was a cartoonist-in-residence at the Charles Schulz Museum and the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum. See