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Cephalopod Dreams


Best of the Net Nominee 2023

Image by Masaaki Komori

I dream of knowing how it feels

To live as nine independent minds at once

Each fluid and flexible, with a personality of its own

To think and taste through touch

To shift shape, change colors, transform textures and play with patterns

What do they dream of, as they ripple and pulse?

I can only imagine And my imagination — like my fixed shape; my single, rigid mind — is limited

Elusive, the dream goes dark

Obscured by its own ink.

Karla Kane is a California writer, musician and leader of the indie-pop band The Corner Laughers. She has an MA in Environmental Anthropology and was voted “Most Likely To Hug A Tree” in high school. She lives under an oak tree with her husband, daughter, and beloved kitties.

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