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allison anne

Mixed Media

       allison anne is a queer, nonbinary artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (unceded Očhéthi Šakówiŋ land). Their multidisciplinary creative interests include collage, zinemaking, mail art, mixed media, book arts & graphic design.

       For allison, handcut paper collage is at the core of everything -- it is not only a constantly evolving exploration of experience and emotion through the reconstitution and rearranging of various printed media and ephemera, but a wider approach to thinking and moving throughout the world. By recontexualizing images and materials,allison seeks to create complex textural, intuitive abstractions and configurations which prioritize that which is found, discarded and left behind, exploring the intersections & interactions between context, materiality and creativity. Collage, along with zinemaking, book arts and mail art, are part of a creative ecosystem of transformative mediums that rethink how art can be shared, reframes and pushes against capitalist ideas of 'value' while exploring different avenues of community-building and exchange.

       allison is a founding member of Twin Cities Collage Collective, a member of the International Union of Mail-Artists and part of the collaborative projects Morphic Rooms, NONMACHINABLE and Scissor Prism Orchestra. Their work has been published and exhibited around the world, appearing in the collections of the Scandinavian Collage Museum and the Minnesota Museum of American Art as part of the MPLSART 2020 Sketchbook Project.

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