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Dame Dragon



Nídhögg rises with the red light

stretching her feathers and climbing

the air with her wings

away from her bower 

beneath the World Tree 


        where she hoards corpses 

        instead of gold


        where she curls her 

        sinuous body around the roots 

        and squeezes tight


        (where she’d very much like 

        to bite Ratatosk that infernal squirrel

        in half)


She tastes the air 

with her tongue

finding the notes of sulphur 

and ash of Ragnarök

the coming storm 

and destruction

and holds them in her mouth


She grins and swings 

back to her bed


There will be more 

corpses to consume 

soon enough

Kyla Neufeld is a poet based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where she’s the copy editor of Mythos & Ink Publishing. These two poems are from her “Field Guide to Norse Mythology” series, which explore the stories of lesser-known creatures from Norse mythology. Other poems from this series have appeared in The Goose, Rune Bear, and Vallum Magazine.

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