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Dear Beloved

To know about the soil one must ask a squirrel

but the scattered drops of today's rain make a

ring of ripples. I think of you, wedding & weather.

How every downpour ticks with the clock until

you will tick my mind & cover me like an ocean

mirrors the sky. They said only a fool remains

thirsty in the midst of river so I will open your

kolanut & call forth squirt into river. I will start

an itching & still be the calming balm. I will

make your eyes roll like the moon crossing this

city. I will distill your honey without awakening

your sting. I will gather you into the rainfall, we

are shrubs that no erosion can wash away. Tell

the squirrel that the ring of ripples has spoken.

You are my scripture & this rains verses of

salvation .

Babatunde Waliyullah Adesokan (Toonday) writes from Oyo State, Nigeria. He works with Firstbank. He is a lover of poetry; a lover of everything that breathes poetry. His works appeared / forthcoming in Pangolin Review, Wales Haiku, Ethel-Zine, Shallowtales Review, Stillwater Review, RoadRunnerReview, Lucent Dreaming etc. Twitter:@tunde_adesokan Instagram: @toondayatkins

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