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Hooked on Plastic


Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

MacArthur              Genius


Edie Widder:

“I don’t eat wild fish

anymore. They’re full of

plastic.” Recently in Norway,

a whale washed up with 30

plastic bags and other plastic

solids in its stomach. It starved

—there’s no room for food in a

stomach full of plastic. There is

no nutrition in 30 empty plastic

bags; 30 plastic bags can’t pass

through the intestines of Earth’s

largest animals. Experts expect

there will be more plastic than

fish in the sea by        2050. As

the seas rise and      ocean

currents slow, we    shall

drown in plastic,    wash

up bloated, full    of

our selves.

Pegi Deitz Shea is an award-winning children's book author, and has published more than 500 works of poetry and nonfiction for adult readers. She runs the reading series Poetry Rocks, in Vernon, CT, and is president of the Connecticut Council of Poets Laureate. Learn more at

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