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Insects and arachnids, a meditation


The patient damselfly 2.jpg
The patient damselfly 1.jpg


I think of them
as micro-chips of God,
tracking, sucking, tasting, posting



Ticks and flies bedeck the bushbucks' necks
and faces, fleas bite them, their tails flick, and sometimes

they gallop, as if to take off, Pegasus-like,
leaving the bugs


Three times you step, almost, on a scorpion.
His lessons: self-inflicted death, pain, resurrection

– source of new reflections
in your book.


A wingèd hopper noshes all the foliage on the tiny bonsai maple.
I hate him, pincer his hindlegs with my fingers, toss him into the wild bush,

half-hoping he'll be hurt, but he sails off like a bird,
whirring wings like eggbeaters.
I don't like, but still admire, his glee.


I see a small, white moth lie, very still, on the carpet,
and I let him

Silke Heiss is a South African writer, who has published poems, short stories and a verse novel in local literary journals and anthologies since 1991. She has co-authored self-published books with her late husband, the poet Norman Morrissey, as well as two solo collections. She is a member of the Ecca Poets and have collaborated on nine books with them to date.

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