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June 2023

Issue 6

        Welcome to the sixth edition of Honeyguide Literary Magazine. We are thrilled to see the diverse range of interpretations and creative expressions that contributors bring to each thematic issue. This edition explores the world of ocean and water animals who thrive within the sea, rivers, ponds, and even our own household tanks.

        In reading this issue, I was reminded that water isn't just a source of life, but it is a living entity in its own way. It nourishes and supports delicate creatures, allowing them to thrive with strength and purpose, and provides for us here on the land.

        Many contributors share the otherworldly awe that ocean and water animals evoke in us, humans. The poems, stories, articles, and art pieces in this edition beautifully reflect how well these creatures are attuned to the ancient realm of life in the water. They inhabit a world that has been around long before our land was formed. It’s a place that we can never truly join, but we can appreciate and learn from.

        However, we must also recognize that water life is incredibly fragile. Pollution disrupts the delicate balance that the ocean has maintained for centuries. Therefore, it's our responsibility to protect our waters, not only for these creatures but also for ourselves.

        Thank you for choosing Honeyguide Literary Magazine's Ocean and Water Animals issue. We are excited to share the brilliant writing and artwork of our talented contributors, and we hope you enjoy this special edition as much as we enjoyed working with these creatives.


        Happy reading,
             Amanda Marrero and the Honeyguide Team

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