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Playa Ostinal, Costa Rica

The wide long beach

Dark and misty after the morning rain


In marketing they say leave no stone unturned

There could be a million dollars under the last


I stoop for purple shells

Carmel striated

Bits of bone white coral

The shards of a turtle egg


I turn over an unsuspecting gray rock

underneath reveals a striking white swirl

basalt with veins of granite

smoothed by the constant sea


I look up, a flock of pelicans skim parallel

the shore; as a wave peaks and breaks

they raise just out of reach

one, then another, easy, quick,

Like skateboarders going through a course,

doing the same trick one-two-three.

Corrie Byrne is a poet and artist out of Pennsylvania. She graduated with an M.F.A from Iowa State University's Creative Writing and Environment program, which encouraged writing grounded in cross studies, diverse experiences, and a multifaceted view of the natural world. She likes to write about the nexus between humans and the environment

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