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When we started this magazine, we wanted animals and people who loved them to be at the forefront. We share literature, art, and poetry that inspired us, opened our eyes to animal perspectives, and helped us to respect them more deeply, and provide a space for those who work with animals to share their stories. 

A percentage of every magazine sale and donation goes directly to animal rescues. We support small non-profit shelters that are committed to and passionate about assisting animals in need, rescuing them from abusive or dangerous situations, and providing quality care. 

Are you interested in supporting us monthly? Regular donations will help us to expand our efforts, pay contributors, and cover website and magazine costs so we can better focus on this work. You can send a one-time donation below or partner with us on Patron or Buy Me a Coffee (or as we call it, Buy Us a Page). 

Thank you for your love and generosity! 

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