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Swim Through

I inhabit an entire sea of constant, waveless peace with borders of glass. Through water’s shimmer and rocks’ resting glimmer,

lamp light dazzles each blade of plastic grass.

It is what I swim through,

Here, where a grand plant on organic sand grows sturdily as tall as it may, Where I grow just as strong,

My fins billow, my scales shine,

Radiant, in an iridescent blue array.

I glide through these waters, neither threatened nor bothered,

In waiting for tides shift or swift change.

Ceaselessly, I cross the sea,

staring at the boy who lounges just beyond my glass

day after day,

He sits and I swim,

each day as the last,

In circles,

In circles,

In circles,

I wonder if he knows,

he inhabits an entire world of constant, boundless life with no walls of glass.

Charlotte Rahme is a Canadian writer inspired by nature, mythology, and the interesting people she meets. Her work has been featured in Flame Tree Press, Darkwinter, Common Deer Press and North Literary Journal

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