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The Seahorse



Dragons exist.

The chimera kind -

Black horse is

Fused dragon is

Pastel pink fish.


All creatures is he -

Bones and fin,

Fire-shape without

The flame

A crowned yellow silver

And maneless green

Spiked curve of the



His tail holds on to reality,

Straight lines of grass

Rooted in the sea bed

To keep him

From floating into myth,

Beside Poseidon.

LJ is a vegan poet and a bookseller from London. She has a 1st Class BA Honours in English Language and Literature from The University of Liverpool. Her poems have been published by numerous journals both in print and online, including: Minnow Literary, Green Ink Poetry, The Madrigal, Spellbinder Literary Magazine, Drawn to the Light, Acropolis Journal, Mausoleum Press, Cerasus Magazine and The Amphibian Literary Journal. Her poetry features in the printed anthology ‘Spectrum’ by Renard Press, published in October 2022 . Her poetry will also feature in Poetry of the Wild Flowers anthology published by Tiny Seed Press in June 2023.

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