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Tuesday Evening

I'm laying in bed with a book in hand, when Holden comes and sits directly on my chest. In front of the book. Because heaven forbid if I use my attention for anything other than him. I’m petting him, strategically in the same spot so that he starts to dislike it, though his purring doesn’t stop one way or another. Once he’s had enough, he moves to the spot on the bed inches from where my legs meet my torso, but parallel with the rest of my body so that I have to move my legs, shift positions until he has a good enough spot to sit in. Oh the lengths to which I go to ensure his comfort, to make this tiny sentient being happy at whatever my expense.

Lacey Cohen is an emerging gay, Jewish writer, and hopeless romantic. She is currently working on her MFA at Long Island University, living in Brooklyn, NY and working as the Managing Editor at Defunct Magazine, but she is a true and proud Michigander at heart. Her work has been featured in Bending Genres, Punk Monk Magazine, and Terror House Magazine, among others. In her free time, Lacey loves to read, play guitar, and binge watch ~30-minute adult cartoons.

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