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Ugly Duckling


Image by freestocks

When you came into your fullness, 

your spring of pure white maturity, 

did you glide over still millponds

with your mute brethren, backlit, 

serene & beautiful;  

the sweet final scene 

of a fairy tale

adapted to the modern screen? 

I prefer to envision your bevy

squawking a landing 

                 clamorous squad of 

    bruising wings              hungry beaks

creating mayhem in farmer’s fields

crapping on cars 

             & lines of                clean laundry

trumpeting your unlikely survival 

         your delight in a 

                  new license to thrive

KB Nelson is a Canadian writer who thrives in the intersection of art and science. Her poems have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies including Tiny Spoon, Nourish-Poetry, Sea-To-Sky Review, and Polar Borealis. She currently lives and combs the beach on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast.

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