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Last spring a young fox found me

standing very still as she, for just

a few moments, had left her kits

alone in a nest of leaves under the

pink fluff of rhododendron bushes.


There, when she pranced out in her

black socks and full tail, I stood

dead-still, my camera already trained

on her because of the lush blooms

above her napping family’s nursery.


She noticed the “new thing” but,

after a quick nose-in-the-air sniff,

the vixen turned around twice, and

laid down with her foxy tail curled

toward her dark snout, as if to tell me,


“I see you; now stay right there.”

As she rested from the rigors of raising

kits while hiding in a very public garden,

I silently snapped beautiful photos of her,

lowered my gaze and left her to rest.

Pamela Brothers Denyes’ award-winning poems appear in multiple journals and international anthologies. Her full-length poetry collections, The Right Mistakes and The Widow’s Lovers, are available from Kelsay Books and Amazon. Pamela’s chapbook, As I Lay Dreaming, is available on her web site. Now retired, she's harvesting forty years of poetry journals to create new works—and fun! Reach her at

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