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Wingspan measured with crossed hands


Image by Sigmund

It’s difficult to see them.

Flassaking through the cloud-drenched air.

Clattering silently from tree cover to the fumbling moths

trudging through lamplight

Over tarmac slick with mist.

The crusted blue of cloud-covered dusk,

Illuminates them in bleak silhouette.


Bats chatter where we can not hear them

in the vast spectrum of Tiresian wavelengths.

An echoing cacophony

Carrying lives around the sight of our eardrums.

Ellen Harrold is an artist and writer focused on science and nature. She is currently focused on how scientific understanding was and continues to be, understood through the lens of art and storytelling. She is completing a master’s degree in Art, Science, and Visual thinking at Dundee University and working as an artist, writer, and editor-in-chief of Metachrosis Literary. She has recently published written pieces with Danse Macabre, New Note Poetry, and Die Leere Mitte. She has also recently published her first book ‘Aesthetics and Conventions of Medical Art.'.

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