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Amanda Marrero

Editor in Chief
Mama of two black cats and a little animal-lover

     Amanda lives in Long Island, NY with her family and several pets. She has been writing from an early age, and loves stories that focus on character, family dynamics, and how animals affect human lives. She earned her MSEd at Sarah Lawrence College and MFA in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University in 2019, and started writing her current WIP soon after graduating. She loves writing fiction, but most of her published work is poems. 

     Her first publication was an article she wrote for class and was later published in her college newspaper. From there, her work has appeared in Gravel and Inklings. Amanda hopes to make a living as a writer and editor, but until then, she works as a writing tutor for middle and high school students. 

     She dreams of being published in her favorite magazines, Ruminate and Rattle, owning a farm, and working in a little writing studio with her desk under a window. 

     Amanda is most drawn to prose that resembles poetry in lyric quality, striking images, and sparse language. 

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