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Image by Saffu


A Shark caught between sandbars.

Too busy feasting, ignored the outgoing tide.

His ominous fin cruised back and forth.


Bathers sat on the beach and watched.

Afraid to wade into the surf.

Respectful of the predator’s power.


Small waves slid onto the shore.

The sky clear, cloudless.

The sun hot, glistered off the blue.


Sandcrabs skittered.

Pelicans glided and swooped.

Porpoises powered their dance across the open sea.


The tide edged in.

The shark sailed away.


Mary Janicke is a gardener and writer living in Houston, Texas. Her garden is home to bees, butterflies, birds, lizards, an possums. Her work has been published in The New York Times, USA Today, Blue Lake Review, Still Life, and Vine Leaves Press 50 Give or Take.

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