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The Humane Society of Ventura County was founded in the 1970s. They've rescued several animals during their service and are most noted for sheltering those affected by the Thomas Wildfire.

Our companionship with dogs not only goes back generations, it's in our DNA. Featured Writer, Emily McArdle, shares the development human-canine relationships in her piece, "Survival of the Friendliest"

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A collaboration of her mother's fabrics, colors, and images of visiting magpies, Featured Artist, Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad, depicts beautiful collaboration in her collection, Nefelibata. 


Contributors of
Issue 3

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad Nefelibata

Sherry Shahan Boy Shepherder

Lindsey Morrison Grant Bren & Metie

Bill Thomas 

Ron Coleman 

Karla Linn Merrifield  Avian Rainbow through Binoculars, “Adaptability”: Lessons from Costa Rica and Plastidon inexpectatus in Six Mile Cypress Slough

Rachel Davies I'll speak for Pongo Pygmaeus

Juanita Smart Sestina for the Dog Struck and Killed

Along Interstate I-80 and Porcupine Points of View

Betsy Packard  Drives

Roy Duffield The Truth is Pigeons, Myxomatosis and Okanagan haiku –or– Frog, reincarnated

Michael Jerome Cunningham Earthworm

James B. Nicola Terrier on Your Lap and Lucky Stroll, a True Tale

Rebecca Ruth Gould How Cats Give Birth

Mari-Carmen Marín Mi Chiquitilla

Randel McCraw Helms Rosie and Carlo, Emily Dickinson’s Dog

Kiersa Recktenwald Rare Bear and In Great Waters

Art and Cartoons


John Darling Humane Society of Ventura County

Claudia Flisi Dead Dog Barking

Maie Nerz Iribarne The Harbinger

Matias Travieso-Diaz  Carmen

Mary Grace van der Kroef  Fireflies of Red and Blue

John Darling Buddy's Blanket

Marissa James Meredith and the Mastodon

Arthur Mitchell Finding Eden

Marcie Roman Still Life, circa 1989

Anastasia Jill The Identity of Swans


Emily McArdle Survival of the Friendliest

Mia Innocenti Saturated With Butterflies

Gargi Mehra A Friend for Onesie

Kate Mayer Mangan Roosters and Roses

Cortnie Duran Where are You Going?




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