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We are supporting Hawai'i Marine Animal Response with Issue 6

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Talitha May Jellyfish, Tidepool, Microplastic Ocean

Amanda Yskamp zero in

Lindsey Morrison Grant Tag, Orphan

Tinamarie Cox View Through the Reef

Frances Fish Morning Crane

Pattie Palmer-Baker O is for Octopus

Amanda Hiland  Tidal, Blue Sailors, The Ocean Under Kansas​​

Isabella De La Torre The Descent of the White Bear

Anne Gruner Peter Benchley's Regret

Tiel Aisha Ansari One spring afternoon on the Portland Esplanade while the salmon are running

Shamik Banerjee To a Starfish, To a Clam

Karla Linn Merrifield Born in September, The Hatchling

Amber Watson Internal Compass

Pegi Deitz Shea Jellyfish Beached, manatees, Hooked on Plastic

Mark Hendrickson it comes in waves

Sai Liuko  coming up for air 

Michael Esabrook Mantis Shrimp

LJ Ireton The Seahorse

Yvonne Zipter Elsewhere Angels

Dorothy Johnson-Laird The Heron

Karla Kane Cephalopod Dreams

Else Buckley atrament

Joan Mazza Alien Aquarium

 Mary Janicke Visitor

Art and Photography


Emily Green Hawai'i Marine Animal Response 

Aditi Nair Fishy Normalcy

Emma Burnett Close your windows soon, folks. The fog is on its way down, and it looks to be a thick one tonight.

Abby Comey Siamese Fighting Fish

Susie Aybar Nesting Season

Alisa Golden Critical Opalescence: Ocean


Shirlee Jellum Close Encounter




Featured Pieces

Image by Jakub Kriz

The fog is calling people from the safety of their homes to the mysteries it holds. 

Hawai'i Marine Animal Response rescues and rehabilitates ocean life. 


Talitha May's shares her exquisite view of water animals  

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